Dan Stroie

About Me

I’m Dan Stroie, a filmmaker with a passion for storytelling through visuals. I started my journey at 14, filming music videos, which led me to pursue a Cinematography BA at UNATC in Romania. I’ve since worked on countless commercials, music videos, and films, being particularly drawn to the world of documentaries.

My motivation stems from the belief that a camera preserves memories, allowing us to relive moments in time. While I specialize in documentaries, I’m always open to exploring other genres. I approach my work with an open mind and professionalism

Beyond filmmaking, I find my balance through sports and travel, enriching my perspective as a visual storyteller.

“Strip away the labels. Now how do you see the world?” – Rick Rubin

Behind the camera

A collection of making-of pictures taken on various film sets where I was filming.